Cómo desde 1995, hoy 27 de abril se celebra el Día Mundial del Diseño Gráfico. La consigna de este año de ICOGRADA es Convergencia.

Convergence has been central during the last 30 years of the design profession.

Convergence is…

…the technological-digital revolution through computers, the internet, mobile phones making graphics, video, photography, sound, telecommunications, publishing come together and become accessible to all.

…cross-disciplinary collaboration: bringing together designers from different fields, but most interestingly witnessing designers working with specialists in other fields (anthropology, biology, psychology, undergraduate education, social work, economics, etc.)

…the new macro discipline of ‘expanded media’ consolidating communication design – branding, advertising, wayfinding, editorial design, web design – with emerging sectors – game design, programming, user-experience, interaction design, social media, sound design, computational art, data visualisation.

…open source creative capital from around the world coming together to create extraordinary collective achievements like Wikipedia, Linux, WorldChanging (open architecture), Kickstarter, and numerous examples of online participatory art.

Feliz día diseñadores!